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My name is Rebeca and I like solving problems.

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Gettings Things Done

I help people use technology to achieve their goals.

Awesome Tech Support

I like making it easy for people to do their work. That means: No incomprehensible jargon. No long, unproductive calls. No having to work with computers, smartphones, or apps that have become slow or unreliable just because it's time-consuming and frustrating to deal with tech support. If you want tech support that doesn't stink (of inefficiency), contact me or set up an appointment.

Technology Consulting & Business Consulting

Technology is an essential part of every business, but how do you know if your business is taking full advantage of it? Being able to make the most of available technologies can make your business more profitable.

Websites That Matter

Putting your ideas or your business online requires a time investment, but did you get the results you expected? Contact me and I can help you make sure your online presence gets real results.

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